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40 searching years

It took me 40 years to be where I am now. 40 years of (soul)searching, of trials and -a lot of- errors, of falling down and getting up. 40 years of travelling, of working here and there, of friendship, laughter and tears.

So by 36, I got the news I was pregnant with twins. When I got over the first shock, I loved it.

So I am unbelievably blessed with these two little monkeys who drive me crazy. But what I came to discover this week, is that next to giving me the greatest job on earth: being their mom, they gave me a second blessing...

They made me be creative again, and gave me the chance to make something for them. And that's how they gave me twice a great gift: one is them,

and the other Tiny Magic.

So thank you for that my sweeties.... I love you both to the moon and back

(yes, even when you eat ice-cream behind my back at 8.30 in the morning)


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